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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 10 questions about adoption...can you help?

Roger & I need your wants to advocate for adoption & foster care.
Please give me your feedback....
  • If you could ask ANY question about adoption....what would you want to know? List as many ?'s as you can think from A to Z!!!

We want to help make this new site to be a helpful source to encourage, support, educate and provide quick answers from a lot of difference sources!!!
THANKS for your help!!


  1. kari, we wanted to know: 1) how do adopted kids feel about being a different race than their parents. and what can we do to make them fit in better. also, how do they feel about being the only "adopted" child...we have biological kids as well. 2) we also wanted to know about any grants, stuff like that.

  2. Before we began our adoption I wanted to know about the costs involved and the different ways to be able to afford adoption. (grants, tax credits, workplace programs etc.) I was also quite concerned with choosing the right agency, and looked for resources that rated the different agencies. Next I started researching different countries and how each of their programs worked. THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT! That surprised me. But a resource that explains and compares the processes with different countries would be nice. Guess that's enough for now. :-)

  3. I know for us we wanted to adopt internationally and from Africa but we didn't know which countries offered international adoption. Once we picked a country we looked at different agencies. some type of chart that showed a listing of which agencies handle which countries would be awesome b/c so much time was spent searching for answer. Also cost was a biggie as was wait time. We didn't mind paying more if it meant we'd get him sooner. Also with domestic adoption a HUGE concern was whether the birth family would change their minds and want the baby back. I think a basic break down of domestic adoption both private/open/foster to adopt and international adoption with countries offering it and their restrictions, etc. with each agency that handles that country listed.

  4. We started our process over 5 years ago with our first adoption. Those first questions were: 1) Which agency? How do you research and choose an agency that fits you? 2)The cost of adoption? Why the differences in different agencies? 3)What is the process of adoption? Where do you start? 4)Domestic or international? Good reasons for both and the frustrations with both. 5)After choosing international, then which country? What are the risks and benefits to each country? 6)Cost???? And how does one afford adoption? 7)How to "research" people have adopted previously. Connecting to other families who have adopted. 8)HELP! All this paperwork!! Where do you start?

    Hope this has helped for some of our initial questions!! Glad to help!! Peggy

  5. What are the top things to look for in an agency when you are researching who to go with (and assuming you have picked the country) - so for example, what is most important? How long the program has been established? Do they give a financial report at the end of the year? Are they part of ECFA? How many adoptions are porcessed each year? What is the timeframe and how does it compare to other agencies? etc etc. We know now what we will look into next time, but for newbies, some guidance is great!

  6. I love checkin in on your blog. I found you through a friend. My husband a I adopted son is 16 months old. I then found out I was pregnant. My daughter is 9 months old. I want you to know that I appreciate everything you are doing for the adoption community.
    ~Misty (We too live in the Ozarks)


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