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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 11 months Zoie!!!

Five months & 3 days ago we met our beautiful daughter, Zoie Senait for the first time!! She weighed only 8 lbs....just like a newborn!! At rapid speed, she has blossomed & thrived in our family. She weighs 20 lbs, cut 5 teeth, jabbers baby talk non-stop, smiles constantly, waves hello, giggles, GI Jane crawls everywhere, adores her big bro & sis....just to name a few!! Are we proud or what!!!! :)
Happy 11 months Zoie!! Enjoy your 1st snow day!


  1. Happy 11 months sweet Zoie! What a big girl you are becoming. Hoping we get to hug you tomorrow!! Oh yeah... and the rest of you crazy Gibson group too :)

    Hope to see you all at JJ's tomorrow night - Love Kim

  2. Thank you Keri! SO glad I am able to see your blog now :)!! Gorgeous!! Happy 11 months Zoie!

  3. how beautiful! happy 11 months, Zoie!!!

  4. Happy Day Zoie. I bet your parents never tell you how CUTE you are.

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  6. Hi Kari, just read your comment on my blog (triplets). Yes, we used A & B for the homestudy and yes, those were our triplets on Steffany's board. Cool, huh?

    Cute baby girl you got there! Do you live in KS? We live in Central KS.


  7. Happy 11 month little Zoie girl! Karie, she is just adorable! I so want to pinch her little cheeks ;)

    Have a Merry Christmas,
    Erica R.

  8. wow. Look at how Zoie has grown. She is so precious! Though Mercy is walking she has NO teeth. Zoie is beating her in that category. How precious she is! She looks so healthy and happy.

    Blessings to you! dana

  9. This is the most well photographed baby EVER! She is so beautiful and what a blessing to see how wonderfully she has blossomed in her forever family. Merry Christmas to you all with love from the VanWetten Family!

  10. What a precious little one!

    A friend just sent me your blog and told me I'd love you. . .we'll see! Just kidding!


  11. It's great to hear about another "wee" one that has flourished. My Ainsley is 14 weeks and only 7lbs. I've been so concerned about her weight despite the reassurance of her international pediatrician that she would grown by leaps and bounds once we picked her up.

    Miss Zoie is gorgeous!


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