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Monday, December 15, 2008

Zoie loves Santa....ho ho ho!!

Its tradition...we anticipate every year visiting Santa at Silver Dollar City!! We head to the theme park for a special photo with Santa....for the past 15 years its been the same jolly, merry, blue eyed Claus. Its enough to make *me* believe. The line is always long & several elves entertain to keep the crowd happy.

Last year, I got in a little verbal scuffle with a grumpy elf who had the gall to point to me & announce I was the cut-off & to come back next year. I tried to explain that this was our 14th year in a row & I NEEDED the pic with Santa (last day the park was open!!) The elf was not going to budge, so I tried negotiating with a sprinkle of Christmas spirit a win/win plan. That elf meant business....go home- the big C was heading back to the North Pole!!! Santa's not-so-jolly helper pushed my button & we loudly agreed to disagree!! I really wanted to pull on her pointed ears & tell HER to come back next year, but instead a kind, sweet reindeer came to our rescue. All was safe & photo#14 is hanging on the tree. This year, the family made me promise to be nice or I would have to miss out on the mountain cookie, bag of kettle corn & the famous SDC "the works" hot cocoa!! I was a good girl....we had plenty of time to spare and only stood in line an hour.

The best part, Zoie met Santa for the 1st time. How did she do.....Zoie HATED him!! She cried & reached out for a rescue mission. Can I say it was totally adorable & we have the pics to prove it:)
Thank you Nanny & Grandpa G for enduring the thousands of tourists to help us get
photo ornament #15!! We love you & miss you already!

Do you have a funny Christmas memory?


  1. Oh my goodness. U all are 2 cute!

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  3. What a lovely website of ministry!
    I just happen to see the Scripture at the top of your page..and that got my attention!
    My husband are involved with the Joseph Project sponsered by the MJAA (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) that sends humanitarian aid to Israel and to the Ethiopian Jews in Gondar, Ethiopia. Right now wells for clean drinking water are being provided as the pledges come in year round. If you are interested in giving a pledge to the Joseph Project especially to provide humanitarian aid to the Ethiopian Jews (Beta Israel), go to the website--- and there you will see their information. Merry Christmas to all of you, and blessings and good health be upon you! Isaiah 58

  4. that is soooo funny! i could picture my mom (or me) doing that (threatening the elf). heehee...that will put you on the naughty list for sure:)

  5. Kari:
    I just can't believe that you could get loud or threatning anyone (much less an elf) LOL!!!!
    You guys look so great and Miss Zoie, WOW!! She is growing like crazy!! We are taking the kids to see Santa this weekend! We'll find out if Myli likes him!
    PS - Myli has the same outfit that Zoie is wearing! It's a little too warm for FL but I love it, so soft!
    Merry Christmas to your family!
    Mama Mel

  6. What a scream! Literally! He-He! Kari, I love the scarf and gloves. You look great in zebra. I love the traditions of Christmas! What fun.
    Love, Theresa

  7. I know that Santa! He was our patient at Dr. Shaffer's office. He's AMAZING!


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