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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Look who I bumped into at SDC!

We took the girls today to Silver Dollar City for fun in 100 degrees of Ozark summer heat! K-Golf was there, so it was so much fun to see Awesome M! It's been a long 2 weeks without my boy. We were zipping around the corner when I heard someone call out my name. We bumped right into Sarah Moffat and her family. Sweet, precious Rosie *just home* from Ethiopia got to meet Zoie.


  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't realize that you lived near Branson, Mo...I live in Rolla, MO! We are so close, I hope we get to meet in person some day...!!!

  2. Kari,
    I want to know about your ADOPT(ED) red shirt. Is it part of the RED campaign? Too cute! Seeing my son would have been the high light of my day too, at SDC in 100 degree/humidity weather : )


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