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Saturday, August 8, 2009

This Woman's Work.

I love the TV show... So You Think You Can Dance. If you missed the stunning, touching and heartbreaking tribute to breast cancer survivors.... watch it here.

Music is Maxwell's cover of "This Woman's Work," and the choreography is by Tyce DiOrio. Melissa and Ade danced this portrait of a woman's struggle with breast cancer beautifully, and the judges reactions were heartbreaking.

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  1. Hey Kari, I'm responding to two posts ago, but I wasn't sure you'd see it. So you're going back to Ethiopia?! Boy? Girl? (Both?) Age? Our agency has two school age boys--they are best friends, and they're the only kids at the orphanage who arent' waiting for families. These boys are 9 and 10 years old....and we can't stop thinking about them. We sort of figured we would return and adopt one pre-school-ish boy. And now we're wrecked by these school boys. Counting on God to remove fear and confirm peace, and scared out of my human mind, Lory


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