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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gibson 3 Update

Heart of a lion, spirit of joy, loves life to the fullest
driving, driving & more driving
A's & B's
coolest freshman
hilarious comedian
motto-strong man stands up for himself
stronger man stands up for others!!
passion for the Lord & golf:)
**golf tryouts on Monday- only 3 spots open

Quiet spirit, gentle heart, never gives up!!!
music, music & more music
A's & B's
super-size patience
faithful to pray
Adores family
Grandpa dates.
passion for the Lord & books

Z-13 mo
new words: doggie, up, hot, hi & bye
2 new molars...almost
gives hugs
1 nap

1 comment:

  1. I "saw" your dad on Saturday! :) Tracy and I were at a simulcast in our church of the marriage seminar from Colorado your dad spoke at. It was really good! (He did ask to be reminded to paint the twig holes in his vine :):):) - and shared of a story of you cutting his shoes laces from his boots in the garage one time as he hung up-side-down!!!! You otters!!!!!
    Great to get an update on everyone and praying for "Tiger M"!!
    love ya, jori


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