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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hilarious madness in the world of adoption:)))

An AW ET friend *Jamie from LA* wrote this hilarious post on adoption. I had to show it off...hey, my name made the list:)))
If you are will enjoy & understand the madness!!

You might be Adopting from Ethiopia if….
*You have a blog.
*Most people who read your blog are also adoptive parents.
*Your family has been compared to Brad and Angelina’s by people you don’t really know.
*You have considered getting an epidural for dossier preparation.
*You have ever yelled at a USCIS worker.
*You have ever asked your Senator to yell at a USCIS worker.
*You spend more time on Yahoo Group than watching TV.
*You think a NAG is a good thing.
*You are starting to use acronymns for everything (ET, YG, NAG, DTE, TTD, DH, BTDT, RR).
*You have Kari’s phone #, and you’re not afraid to use it!:)))
*You can tear up in church at the CCLI words at the bottom of the screen because they read “Billy/Cindy Foote”.
*You email Pete when you have computer problems as if he is your personal Tech Support.
*You consider Steven Curtis Chapman like a long lost member of your family.
*You know your exact # in line (well, OF COURSE not counting mystery families).
*You say the words “mystery families” with a growl as if they have personally done you some bodily harm.
*You have ever called a forty-something woman a granny to her face and she considered it a complement.:)))
*You have a lot of Facebook friends that you have never met…but you have written encouragement on their pages, and cheered them on as they’ve brought their babies home.
*You kind of enjoyed getting your shots, because it meant you were one step closer to Africa.
*You, at all times, are able to calculate the time in Addis Ababa.
*You enjoy telling people that your “18 months pregnant” and complaining of back aches.
*You have pregnancy cravings which your hubby indulges.
*You have more Adoption fundraiser T-shirts than you have underwear.
Thanks Jamie for the LOL!!!xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness. After you read this you realize you are not as crazy as you once thought! Hilarious! I love it!


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