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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mommy feels a rock star!!

Today I feel like a rock star. My sweet Zoie has been sick with a cold, teething & developed a nasty rash on her face. She is also dealing with separation anxiety.
She follows me everywhere, she waves her arms....crying or screaming for me. She stalks me outside the bathroom door & desires me to hold her all day long. Forget about chores...its a little hard to vacuum or scrub the sinks with my #1 fan holding on to my leg.
Hence the feeling....she thinks mommy is a rock star:)))

I'd love any advice on simple, healthy steps we can do to reassure Zoie & continue to encourage positive bonding & attachment!!


  1. Hi Kari,
    I think you are the family Cindy Cunningham was telling me about last fall when she was in our town for our KANAKUK KAMP party. I would like to talk/email with you. Our blog is
    and my email is
    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning and looking at pictures and video of your family meeting Zoie. What a blessing is she! The song that your photo slide show plays fits your smallest beauty perfectly. . . I see what the hand of God can do.

  2. Hey ROCK STAR,
    how is life down south?
    That is too funny with Zoie. I believe we all went throught this.
    When I needed something done in the kitchen I use to put Jo in her high chair so she can see me better. Or I would give her few pans to play with while I was cooking.
    She will learn her mom is staying do now worry.
    I also made sure each time I left that when I got back I gave Jo a big hug and reminded her that I love her very much. (even if I went to go get the mail or had to run outside for little something.)
    love, Lenka

  3. Hi! I just came across your blog. We have just recently adopted a little girl from Guatemala and she was 15 months when we brought her home. I got a cd set called "Taming the tiger while its a kitten". I found mine on amazon and it was very helpful. I also carried my daughter in a sling for several hours each day for about a month. She is doing pretty well on we just passed the 3 months home mark. The Lord bless you with patients!

  4. Hey Kari, We went through that with Hope a bit. It got to the point that I let her start to help. She sat on the vaccum when I was vaccuming, She sat in her high chair while I was in the kitchen so that she could see me. I made sure the things that had to get done got done and then we would sit and read or sing a bit. She will be fine. Just needing some reassurance every now and then.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Kari the Rock Star, thanks for the message you left the other day. I was going to email you directly but it wouldn't let me reply. The book I was talking about is called Holding Time by Martha Welch. It was recommended by our therapist. It is not really a book on attachment. If you want to email me, I can explain more, since there are parts to the book that should not be used with children who have been adopted. Also I started a Yahoo Group for families who have adopted from Ethiopia and want to discuss attachment issues. There is a join button on my blog. We would love to have you join and anyone else who reads this. We put a lot of helpful information in the links section also.
    If you go to my blog and click on the attachment posts, there is a post entitled; What I Wish I Knew 6 Months Ago, that tells more about our attachment journey. Sorry for leaving a book.
    Stay In Touch!


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