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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Simply Sunday

This was one of my most challenging weeks as a mom of 3. It was a combo of so many things. I was stretched emotionally, exhausted physically, single-for-the-week (hubby out of town) and encouraged!! Yes, I was encouraged every day by reading Poppy Dips. God never promised us that life would be easy, but He promises to love us and fill us with His power to make it through the crazy stuff. It was the little things that counted... fun phone calls, friends helping out, kind nurses, gramma's house, H helping me take a nap, hearing my baby say "mommy" and Crazy Love.

"God was pleased to make you His own. Pleased! He didn't just feel sorry for you. He wasn't obligated to you. He chose you because He delights in you. You were never meant to get through life by the skin of your teeth. You were meant to flourish in the love and acceptance of Almighty Jehovah.
When He sings over you, dance!"

Simply Love.

Congrats Lenka Steiger.... you are a brave hearted chick!!


  1. I pray next week brings as many great moments w/ God and you are right, "we are called to live hard and glorious lives w/ Christ" !!!!

    love ya

  2. I understand the "short-term single parenthood" thing. SO glad Shane is home. Hang in there friend - love you tons!!


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