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Saturday, January 24, 2009

AWAA Ethiopia Reunion!!!

Thank you so much for voting on the date for our 1st annual AWAA ET Reunion!!!
Its official.......LABOR DAY WEEKEND *2009* in Branson, MO!!

We will post news & updates on the YG, AWAA blog or via e-invite throughout the year!!!! Oh what a party!!!!!
The Best is Yet to Come:)))

AWAA Ethiopia families...are you planning on making the reunion?

We'd love to hear from you. List your family name & adoption status:)


  1. We will be there rain or shine!!!!
    The Van Clan hoping to have our kiddos home in plenty of time!

  2. The Juvinall family has decided to try and make the reunion our vacation this year. Yay!

  3. We'll try to be there if we can! (With the new baby it would be 3 of us in the Bowman fam.) :)

  4. Possibly - We'd love to make it - that's 3 Richardson's - Roscoe, Julia, and Micah - wooohooo! We think Micah and Zoie look like siblings (we don't seriously think so but they do look alike!) from Zoie's referral photos - possibly from the same region??

  5. The Schmidts are hoping to make it! There are 6 of us counting Baby B!

    Love you! Susan

  6. We will try to make it if we are home with baby for enough time for her to be adjusted. we are dte 5.9.08 and are expecting a referral between feb and april. but, if you add 4 months we may be cutting it close...if not, we'll see you in 2010. oh...there will be 5 of us!

  7. Coens want to come! There would be 3 of us. All will depend on when it is. Can't wait!!

    marshall, jill & silas

  8. Hi Kari,
    We would love to be there! It would be 5 of us if we come. CAll me!!


  9. The Laughners would like to come depending on when it is. There would be 6 or 7 depending on the when part.
    We have 19 month old Daniel home!

  10. We are planning on it, hoping that it's timed right :) There will be 7 of us. We can't wait to see everyone!
    much love,

  11. Praying we will be able to make it! Will depend on the date!
    There will be 8 of us!
    Home with Princess Myliah 18mos!

  12. There will be 5 of us!!

    Julie and Eddie Mullins

  13. Count us in of course!!! Love you and please let me know what I can do to help... seems I will be home for 6 weeks pretty soon!!!

  14. The Moles will try to be there! :) There would be 4 of us. Can't wait.
    Home with Levi for 6 months!!

  15. Oh my! Oh my!!! The Treats want to come! Can we?! Oh my! (Should I write it again?!) I just found this blog post and it's simply TOO exciting! We'd love to come - all four of us!!!!

    I've loved catching up on your family here the last few days...can't believe how much Zoie has grown! Much love to all of the Gibsons!

    Okay...I think I have to email you...too much excitement all bubbling over here! XOXO



The best is yet to come!!