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Friday, January 9, 2009

My Mommy heart is bonded with another...

On the eve of our beautiful daughter Zoie's first birthday, our hearts have been torn thinking about another very special person. We do not know her, but we see *her* everyday in Zoie's dreamy eyes. Every time Zoie smiles, we see *her* sweet smile. Zoie's creamy brown skin and short chubby fingers makes me wonder if someone else has the same. Zoie's giggle is adorable & spirit so bright...I'm sure there is someone close whose spirit and courage radiates all around her.
Our family celebrates a precious miracle, but none of our dreams would have come true had the miracle not started first with Zoie birthmother who gave her the name....Senait.
We also celebrate today our hero, a woman who sacrificed more than we will ever know. A mother who gave everthing for love.
We pray that you know deep in your heart that your daughter is safe and loved.

I found this beautiful poem that says it all...

It's my child's birthday
But there is something different happening inside me.
This should be a day of complete joy
A day for Thanksgiving
But in the midst of all this excitement
I pause, because my thoughts are about someone else for a time.

It's my child's birthday
I have no memories of her life growing inside me and fighting to be
Another someone was there
Another someone suffered for my joy.

It's my child's birthday
But someone, somewhere, is feeling emptiness inside.
I'm sure she is wondering
Who she looks like
If she is big or small.
Wondering if she laughs much.

It's my child's birthday
And in the midst of this blessed day that was given to me
I have a prayer.

Oh God, that I may never forget that someone suffered so much to give life
to my child. That someone loved my child so very much that she gave her the right to
live. May I never forget for a moment and especially now, today, to offer a prayer of thanks
for that someone and that you, dear God, will always be there for that someone to help her
through the hurts she will have when she stops to think that today is "my child's birthday."


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Zoie!!! We are so thankful for you the choice your birth momma made. What a treasure you are to all!

  2. Happy Birthay, Zoie!!! You are so beautiful...and you are a fighter!!! May you be a mighty & strong warrior for God's Kingdom!!!

  3. Amazing! Thank you for this blessing.

  4. I sent this to my mother. As an adopted child myself, this was particularly touching.


  5. Sweet Zoie!!! Happy birthday!!!! LOVE your post about her birthmother...we feel the same way! We can't believe that we are less than a week away from our 1 year anniversary of Gotcha!!!!!!


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