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Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you a Slumdog fan?

Bloggy friends, have you see Slumdog Millionaire?
It felt like we were watching the children of Addis Ababa....we saw so many familiar faces in the courageous children surviving life of poverty in Ethiopia.
I'd love to hear your comments...


  1. I saw it and really liked it. Very well done. . though it will make you want to adopt from India!

    Have you seen it?


  2. We really liked it. It was hard to watch at points but so redemptive. It made us think so much of the kids in Ethiopia and thankful for Robel's ministry there.

  3. Our favorite movie we have seen in a long time. So well done! We were happy to see it get the recognition it deserved by the Academy. :)

    Aren't the Neal's pics so much fun to see??

  4. Richard doesn't want to see it because it's rated R. What about that? What's the R for?

  5. Mario -

    My guess is it's the trafficking issues that are dealt with.



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