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Monday, February 2, 2009

Gumdrop Day??

Our sweet dog, Tate got into some mischief today! It made me think of the challenging days we went thru during our adoption.
Many of my dear friends are *waiting* for travel, court dates, referrals, etc... its enough to drive you a little crazzzzzy. It's kinda like a "gumdrop in your eye" day!!
**Bloggy friends, I'd love to hear your "gumdrops"....the good, bad or the sticky!!:)

Lord God, help me to *keep up* my courage and have faith in You that things will happen just as You said. (Acts 27:25)


  1. Thanks for the good, hearty laugh that I just enjoyed!

    Love you! Susan

  2. Too funny.

    Ok- my gumdrop consists of 3 words.

    EXPEDITED COURT DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, that and peace regardless ;0)



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