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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 7 months Gotcha Day Zoie!!!

(ZiZi & GiGi-BFF's)
Happy 7 months home baby have *rocked* our world:)))
She loves all her names...Zoie, ZoZo, ZiZi & Lolo
Here's a quicki update...we think she's Miss Awesome!!!!

Zoie is....
crawling & cruising
saying all kinds of words...
dada, mama, sisssy, buubbbb & lots of joyful babbles

pushing, pulling & piling up her toys
big belly laughs & ticklish from head to toes, music & dancing
eats all new foods...pancakes, fruits, tiny cheese sandwiches, yogurt, pastas, mini turkey dogs, pumpkin muffins & scones:)...but VERY picky. Especially loves Iams dog kibbles...ugh!! sneeeeky girl invades Tate's dish & splashes in his water.
Explores, disables drawer contents, giggles, sings & tears magazines
giddy about books, siblings & Target runs
Doesn't like naps, initial car seat strap-in, hats, Grandpa's stuffed fish & turkey...verrrry scary!!

Bloggy friends...thanks for your cheers & support!!!!

(got hair:)


  1. So cute! And I find it hilarious that she loves the dog food and his water...cuz Sakari did the SAME thing!!!! We've had to pick pieces of dog food out of her teeth before - gross! But after several "times of correction", I'm happy to report this is no longer an issue :-)

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! Soooo cute!!!!!
    This morning I had to laugh...this is what happened...
    You know it's your fourth child when they make their first mess and you run for the camera to document it, laughing all the way! I walked into the family room where E. was in his walker and he was sitting happily next to a big plant pulling dirt out of it and dumping it on the walker and floor!!! LOLOLOL
    Thankfully he hadn't eaten any before I got to him!
    Anyway! Love you guys! ZoZo is amazing!

  3. She's so beautiful! Can't wait to meet all of you in Branson!

    Julie Mullins
    DTE 4/25/09

  4. YEAH!! Thanks for posting this picture of our little BFF's! I can't believe it has already been 7 I will cry the next time I get to see Zoie in person, just like the first time I saw her.

    Much love!

    Auntie Rae Rae

  5. Yikes a few days late on this one, but Happy 7 months home sweet Zoie:) Time flies huh Kari!? Thanks for still Rockin the support for all the ET families, I will foever be greatful for words of wisdom you shared w/me!
    Lots of love
    Sam,Ana & Josiah Nunez


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