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Friday, May 29, 2009

HAPPY 40th HUBBY!!!! "our story-fun pics"

I met Roger when he was 12 years old!! My mom was his substitute teacher and came home one day and told me she met the cuteeesst boy and I should meet him. When I asked her what grade, she told me he was in 7th. AWWWW...I was a freshman in High School. Noooo way would I stoop so low to check out a jr high boy!! Well, fast forward 2 years & I made my move on a cute new freshman!!! For those of you who remember what I looked like in High School...this move was very brave of me. Miracles do happen and I snabbed the cutest, onriest, cockiest (he was the star b-ball & football player:) adorable boyfriend!!! We dated for a few years & then we parted ways (remember I'm older & was off for college)

2nd miracle... we meet again 6 years later!!!!!!!!!!! He was graduating from college and playing basketball for Cal Baptist. I took one look & fell madly in love again. We dated for a year and married a year later... 1992!! I am blessed like crazy to be married 17 years to my best friend and the LOVE of my life!!

Hubby HAPPY 40th b-day!! Can't wait to spend 40+ with you.... adventures around every corner:))

(our first date-1983)


  1. happy birthday roger!!! Sorry we can not make it to your birthday party in AZ :)
    love, all the steigers :)

  2. Happy Birthday Roger. Can't wait to hang out at kamp!!

  3. You have an awesome love story! Happy Birthday Roger!!!

  4. Aw, happy birthday, Mr. Roger. Such a sweet story.

  5. Such a cute story! Happy birthday Roger!


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