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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Happy May Day!!!

Happy May Day!!
Just a few of Zoie's favorite things:)
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  1. what precious favorites! love your sweet puppy dog!

    endless thanks to you for praying for our little ones!!! love you!

  2. She's so cute...I just lost my first comment I wrote...who knows where it went :) 24 more days and we're done, yeah...I love the wrap your baby girl is wearing on her head in your header...My girly is bald..I could so use something like that, kj

  3. sweetness! oh hey...let Rog know if he does end up coming to Tulsa in the next week or so to confirm up the conference that he's welcome to stay with us while he's here! We leave in less than 2 months for our summer mission trip to Guatemala!


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