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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simply Love Your Stories.... moms keep em coming:)))

Moms you rock!! Keep your stories coming...2 more days to enter the JFF contest! Here's a little inspiration (to make you smile)

I found this cute story...
Everyday after work, I pick my daughter up and carry her with me to cheerleading practice
(I am a coach). Well a few weeks ago , taking the same route, we passed a dead skunk. She said, "awwww mommy is he dead" I replied "yes he is" She said "poor skunk." The next day we came by the same spot and she said, "awwww mommy its still there." I said "yes he is, but he is okay." She was so sad cause he was still laying in the street. A few weeks passed and we did not come that way. Well yesterday we came that way and she yelled "MOMMY HE'S GONE", I said who, She said the skunk in an excited voice. I said yes he's gone. She said "he's gone to heaven right?" I said yes he is. Then she paused and said. "OH NO!!" I said what's the matter. She said, "I sure hope Jesus don't smell that old funky thing." I was laughing so hard that I had to pull the car over to catch my breath.


  1. I don't know what story to tell- I want to participate, but am having serious writers block. Hopefully it will come to me!

  2. Kari! I am going to email you my story- as hard I could try, I couldn't keep it under 3 pages!! You will have it soon!

  3. Well as you know with being a Mommy, there are always stories! Instead of sharing a funny one, I will share something so awesome! Kari, as I shared with you before, my husband was laid off over 8 weeks ago so we have not had any income for a while now. Instead of me crying in bed all day about it or giving up, I chose to keep praying and keep reading the Word...and then God spoke to my heart to raise money for the orphans in Africa. I started a team of my own with Mocha Club and even though I have contacted atleast 500+ people so far, not ONE single other person has committed to a measley $7 per month! WOW. But I keep praying and believing that God will help me make a difference some how. Okay back to my daughter...well my almost 10 year old Delaney came to me and said that she wanted to give her $30 to me for the Mocha Club. I asked her why? She said, "do you know how much $30 could help those little orphans in Africa??" My mouth dropped. She didn't ask me to take her to Limited Too or to Kids Gap....or to McDonalds....she asked me to take HER money and give it all to the orphans. Not only did she give me this ball of $1 bills, but she also drew a picture and if you could picture this for a moment - it was 2 hands intertwined. One white hand and one brown one and the top of the picture said, "we are all the same". Well as parents, we always pray for God to help us teach our children how to be a godly to love to to serve but we often wonder how many seeds we are truly planting with our own actions but God quickly reminded me that even though our income is suffering, our bills are adding up and our future adoptions from Ethiopia are now put on hold - that one thing is for sure. My kids are learning from my giving and seeds have been planted! Watching my daughters smiling face handing me the ball of money and her picture was priceless. Thank you God is all I could say. This story might not win the prize but I felt to share it with your wonderful kids:-) Tammy


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