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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My niece on mission trip in Ecuador!

Tay's journal entry for the day... Ecuador Mission Trip blog!

"We had an exhausting day of travel yesterday and today but we are finally here in Santa Domingo, Ecuador. We arrived in Quito at about 10:00 and by the time we went through customs, got our luggage, and arrived at the hotel it was 12:00. When we were getting of the plane we were all given masks to wear until they collected our health forms. I think we had the masks on for about 100 ft. Customs went very smoothly and we did not lose any luggage. We all slept very well and after breakfast was finished we loaded the bus and headed to Santa Domingo. Thank goodness for Dramamine. The road to Santa Domingo is brutal. Buses here have no problem passing on corners and the curves never end. Fortunately we arrived with no sickness, just a few upset stomachs. This afternoon we settled in and practiced our dramas. Tomorrow we will be going white water rafting. The reason we are doing this first is because the kids in school are having exams this week and we will not be able to be in the schools until next week. Thursday and Friday we will be doing the dramas in parks and at city squares. I could tell by some of the responses at our share time during devotions that our young people are already being impacted by what they have seen. Please continue to pray for us that God will use us in a great way and that he will provide protection for us."

Ecuador Mission Trip 2009
Please pray for my niece!!

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  1. Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. The weather, the colonial cities and the people are just fantastic.


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