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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bye Bye Mohawk:)

Its been quite a morning:) Started off waking up late...the girls slept in. H handed me Zoie & we realized she had throw up...a few clumps in her hair. No time to spare & a quick wipe....we raced to school. One off & one strapped in her carseat....we headed home. Poor Zoie started throwing up, but she couldn't figure out what was happening :( She has been so healthy since coming home, this is a first.
Big storm hit hard (warnings were right on) but sweet baby is still sleeping. M has a golf Trny today, but wondering how they hit that little white ball when its pouring rain?
I cut off Zoie's mohawk (ET friends made me do it:) I evened it all out, but now I miss the sweet frizzy curls. Did I do the right thing???

Thanking the Lord today for ALL His amazing blessings!!! Following Jesus is a radical journey.

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