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Friday, July 31, 2009

My crazy wacko day!

I've had so much fun this week reading all the wonderful Poppy Dips. They have been funny, touching, *sniff* and adorable! It's made me focus on James 1... count it all joy when you face testing. We can always find a Poppy Dip in our day.
All day long today... I have pondered on choosing my favorite Poppy Dip: Hubby is out of town, sweet Zoie is sick with sinus infection, bronchitis and cutting 4 molars (I just found that out) Awesome M jumped in and packed himself for 2 weeks at Kanakuk Golf Kamp. I love teenagers! Awesome H played with sissy so I could take him to Mexican food lunch date, but an hour before kamp he learned the hard way to look reallllly good for parked cars behind your vehicle. It was a solid crunch, but thankfully there was no one trying to get in their car. WHEW!! 10 people ran toward us and my teen handled it like a pro... pointing at me "She did it!" Just kidding. He was very grateful the damage was minimal and no cops involved.

Kamp dropoff, no nap Zo = VERY grumpy baby. Pizza delivery. Praying all drama is over for the day! That's why there is no way I can pick just 1 Poppy Dip today.... it was all good and crazy!

Poppy Dip contest ends at midnight:)
Keep writing those "P Dips"


  1. Can I get a last poppy dip in?!?! I didn't do very good at getting poppy dips up each day.... Just sitting here thinking about how I enjoy my pets. Got the dog on one side the kitty on the other. Something about pets loving on you to make you feel special :)

  2. Ohh my sweet friend- things like this always happen when daddy is out of town!! My poppy dip is having you for a friend!!!

  3. my poppy dip day was having all the Ethiopian families join together and celebrate a nice night at the water fountains. It's so heart warming to hear all the stories and see all the new faces.
    - katy
    Diesel's mama

  4. Love you friend. You are my Poppy Dip every day!!

  5. It's always a Poppy Dip day when I get to read undates on your blog! Love them.


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