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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pray for AW families tonight... passing court miracles!


Our dear friends received their referral back in Feb. and are still waiting to bring home their 2 beautiful children. Problems happened that were out of their control, but they have had to wait so long. Tonight in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia they have their official court date and we pray that they pass with flying colors. God won't allow his precious children to stay in Ethiopia a second longer than He has planned! We pray that THIS IS IT!

Here's how you can pray (a note from Kim)
*that the judge is satisfied with all our court documents and how they read, that the Women's ministry MOWA writes the recommendation letter we need, and general favor upon our case.

At some point Wednesday morning our agency will call to let us know how things went. I will post an update on our blog A Blissful Heart

Gillman family we are hoping and dreaming and praying and cheering that you hear the words... you passed!! I have your favorite cupcakes and we can't wait to celebrate God's miracles no matter what!


  1. Kari you are super sweet!!!! I love you friend and can't wait to have cupcakes with you tomorrow!!! Kim

  2. praying for that sweet family! love your beautiful heart for all the families!


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