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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zoie at the beach

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Zoie was not a big fan of walking on the sand. She would sit and play with shells, but refused to put her feet down and walk. She curled up her legs and made it crystal clear that sand was yucky. Mommy found it a little difficult to hunt for sea shells holding Zoie.... dipping chubby girl down to search for the perfect shell:) She loved floating in the water with us holding her.
I took these pics at sunset.... people kept walking by and saying hi. I even got to talk adoption to a few passerbys. How amazing to be in such a special place with my girls!

Gramma thank you for the very special "happy" Spending time with my mom & girls in FL was so special!!
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  1. All the pics are just too cute! Looks like you all are having a blast!

  2. LOVE the pics Kari! How special to have time with your girls. We love Sanibel Island too and vaction there twice each year. It's a 10 year family tradition! with love, Karen Wistrom

  3. Came across your blog on the yahoo group page! We are new to the adoption process and just starting our paperchase.

    Thanks for sharing your story and your journey . . . it is so encouraging for us "newbies". :)
    Kelly Smith- Ohio


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