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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Skinny-Dippn + Cousins + Birthdays = Fun Family Pics

We are having such a fun blessed to have family in town!
Mimi, have noooo idea how we missed u in pics- you were here for 2 weeks:)
Send me one QUICK! lol

3 little mermaids

Aunti M

Tay Tay & H

What crazy things are you doing for summer fun in the sun??


  1. I have never seen a family blessed with so many great smiles!
    Love, Theresa

  2. Thanks for following our journey this past week to bring my sister's baby home. It was an amazing trip. You have a beautiful family. Love your little Ethiopian treasure. Also thanks for adding my blog to your roll so you can keep up.

    Kelly P


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