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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday WOW Recipe... CRAZY GOOD TACO SALAD:)

Many years ago, my friend Dawn gave me this yummy taco salad recipe. For some reason, I can't get my kids to eat salads very often, but they POUND THIS ONE DOWN:)) I wish I was talented enough to make homemade taco bowls to use for the base, but you can buy them already made. It adds a lot of extra calories, so usually I just serve in a fun bowl or plate.

*1 head of iceburg lettuce

*1 head of leafy green lettuce

*bag of Fritos
*2 cans RANCH STYLE BEANS (brand)

*1 jar French dressing (orange color)
*cheddar cheese

*green onions- chop

*celery- chop

*1-2 pounds ground beef or turkey (seasoned)

*olives- optional cuz my hubby hates them:)

**taco bowls- optional

Chop or tear lettuce into bite size pieces. Drain the beans. Chop up all your veggies & add to lettuce. Chill. Brown the meat.
JUST BEFORE you serve the salad.... add your beans, dressing-amount is up to you, meat & cheese (too early & it will get soggy-yuck) Mix it good. Top with Fritos & serve!!!! The combination of dressing & beans rocks!!!

Enjoy this yummy salad outside tonight.... light some tiki candles & don't forget the mosquito spray!! ps: Happy 17 months Zoie!!!

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  1. Yummy stuff. My friend calls this "taco stack" and lets everyone layer theirs according to taste. You can't skip the dressing, though. It is the secret weapon@


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