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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My brother. My Bloggy hero... he saved the raffle!

Bloggy friends, I wanted to give you front row seats to the drama of my day. I received an email from Paypal and they have tagged me a "gambler!" They say I'm gambling with a raffle on my blog and using Paypal to collect & send out "tickets!" I know I know.... the entire idea is ludicrous, but they did it all the same. I have called Paypal and explained what I'm doing for my mission trip fundraiser and they now understand that I'm not a professional dealer and wheeler. However, due to using the word raffle in all my crazy posts and photos, they will not allow me to use the paypal button. The Mr. Ipod Adventure must go on!

Noooooo worries.... your gracious donations are safe & sound in Paypal World. I'm going to honor Paypal and use a different way to allow my dear family and friends to "buy their cyber raffle tickets" and win the big prize:)

My amazing and wonderful and techy brilliant and fellow blogger brother has graciously created the adorable "Donate Today" with Awesome H and all donations will continue to be 1000% safe and sound. He saved the day!
He has made it super easy and added more choices for you to WIN Mr. IPod Touch. Drawing on July 10th.
Thanks little bro!!


  1. We were "busted" by Paypal for the same reason with our raffle fundraising we're doing right now. Hope it didn't kill our raffle. We'll see... Right now we're just accepting straight checks to us, or donations through CWA.

    What a great button your brother set up for you!

  2. See you tomorrow!! Can you believe it?? Gotta go pack.


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