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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's a VERY big day for many AWAA ET families!! Please join me praying for mighty miracles for 12+ families to pass court today!!! Many of these families have not passed due to the MOWA abandonment hold or paperwork problems in Ethiopia. These families have done EVERYTHING they can do, but now must sit back (ugh) and WAIT!
We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear news!!
Kim & Jaime... I'm holding your hands today:)

How can we support YOU today with your adoption?

If you passed court today, can you leave a comment so the bloggy world can celebrate with you:)
Gillmans, Jaime, Edith, Jacksons, Bushre's, Dragovich families!! whoooohoooo

For the families who did not pass, please know we are holding your hands and praying for mighty miracles!!!


  1. Kari!!!!! Altesa passed :) Check out our blog. I put specific prayer requests for you on there as well. Thanks for praying and holding our hands!!

  2. Thanks for your prayers, and your love across the states! Praise God that we passed! You know i'm gonna say you're right..."the best is yet to come!"

  3. Have they started hearing cases that were on hold!!?!?! We're in the same mess and waiting for a new court date.

  4. thanks Kari, that's what we heard from our agency too. just didn't know if there was any more news. and my blog is it's public so anyone can see it. I did set up another blog just to try out new backgrounds and headers...there's nothing on it-that's why that one is private!


The best is yet to come!!