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Monday, June 22, 2009

My iPod Touch raffle CONTEST STARTS TODAY!!

Bloggy friends, I'm so thrilled to share with you my Haiti adventure!! The mission trip I'm going on Aug. 24th is organized by Mission of Mercy and they are investing time and energy and resources to the orphanage our church family sponsors. We will be simply serving and loving children at the Haitian orphanage. I would be so honored if you contribute by CHEERING and PRAYING and JOINING in on the fun of helping me reach my goal of $1,300 for the mission trip.
We're all in this together.


$10.00- earns 1 ticket
$25.00- earns 5 tickets

$50.00- earns 15 tickets

or more...

Just add your name & address & phone number!!

The raffle will end July 10th... Zoie turns 18 months old that day!!!!!!!!
You win a BRAND NEW iPod Touch and so much more.
100% of your contribution will go toward my Haiti Mission Trip. Any additional money raised will be donated to the Haitian orphanage... hand delivered by me.

Thank you for helping me chase a WILD GOOSE ADVENTURE!!
On your mark get set GO.....

Quote from my church about the mission trip:
"We have an exciting opportunity to partner with Mission of Mercy and bring new hope to children in Haiti! This is an amazingly new effort to reach forgotten children in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Together, we can impact the lives of hundreds of children by sharing the love of Jesus."


  1. Just bought my tickets! We want to win!!!

  2. No way, Kim!!! We just bought our tickets and WE want to win! LOL :))))
    So proud of you, Kari Girl!!! Haiti is very near and dear to our hearts as well!
    Love you guys!!!


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