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Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Celebrate Everyday (girls night out!)

Friday night I was blessed. Our amazing church had a women's rally and the theme was "It's Time." I was giddy driving up for the event, but wishing I had my car full of gals chatting & laughing for the hour drive. I called my friend Kelly and she talked me all the way up...she was home sick w/ strep, but was such an encouragement. She set the tone.
I realized I was starving for fellowship and pressed the gas a little faster. Its been a long two weeks home with a sweet sick baby.
I need my friends. I need to worship. I need to serve.
The church was decorated with all things girlie. They didn't miss a single was going to be a night to remember. The most exciting thing for me was our Cherish Kids Expo. JRA is advocating for foster care, domestic & international adoption. My passion. I'm so honored to be a part of a team & church family who are serving the needs of children *in need* in my community and around the world.
Giddy gals everywhere...women of all ages buzzing in the halls. Here we go...the doors opened at 7pm sharp...I zipped in to save seats. I'm thankful to sit and relax. I was soaking in the pure joy of the event with some of my very favorite girlfriends...Juju & Kim. Chocolate, princess music, worship, prayer, Prince Dance-A-Lot, laughs, incredible speaker, new sisters in the Lord...need I say more:) During one of the songs, a lump stopped me from singing and the Lord captured my thoughts.
I drifted to the place that's so hard for me to go. I'm praying for a young woman I deeply care for. I think about her during the quiet moments, but this time I felt a longing that I had not experienced before. I started sobbing. The love I feel for a women I have never met, takes my breath away. I see her everyday. I see her stunning eyes, her perfect lips and precious nose. She is my hero, the vessel that God used to create my daughter. I wept that she could not share this special night with me. She is my friend. Does she know my Savior? She has taught me more about love, sacrifice, courage..she is true beauty. I wish I could personally thank her for allowing me to have something so priceless. Selfless. Determined. Dignity.
We are Mothers and love the same daughter.
I pray that Zoie will know Truth. That she is fearfully and wonderfully made.
She is chosen.
Oh, I am thankful for a special night to give thanks for the powerful women in my life. That have shaped and helped mold me. I'm grateful for a night to renew my energy and spirit. A night to remember I'm a daughter of a King.
The message was clear....It's Time. It's Time for us to embrace the treasures He has created for us. It's Time to let go of the things we hold so precious. It's Time to make a difference. It's Time to seek clear direction. It's Time for inconvenience.
It's Time to live radically. It's Time to celebrate Everyday!!
It's Time.


  1. It was a great time! So glad I got to share it with you. Love you lots!

  2. What a thoughtful post, Kari. It's so difficult to think of the birth mothers without pure awe for the selfless decisions they made. Every new, terrific thing DJS does I wish she could see. She couldn't even imagine the joy he brings to us and to everyone around him. I know sweet Zoie is that joy for you guys, too.

  3. BOO HOO... I so wanted to be there!!

    Beautiful post, Kari!!!

  4. Sounds great! Wish I could have been sitting next to you!!

    (Hey, look- I left you a comment - ha!)

    Miss you SOO much!


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