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Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Day Without Shoes...April 16th!! *TOMS*

(Zoie & H barefoot:)

One Day Without Shoes April 16 2009

The impact a pair of shoes has on a child can be life-changing. Help TOMS raise awareness this April 16th. Take off your shoes today!!!


  1. precious hannah and zoie toes!

    elle got permission for her whole school to go barefoot today! so awesome! :)

  2. We are barefoot today!!!
    (Well Fil is not since he is at work but the rest of us at home are running around withou shoes :)
    love, Lenka

  3. Oh, I really want to do this...but wearing no shoes while teaching 21 seven-year-olds is probably not a good idea :( But I'm wearing my TOMS today!!

  4. We are all barefoot over here!! It is Avery's birthday and we are headed out the door without shoes.

  5. Great meeting you...Yes, we met the Minovich Family about a year ago and have been friends ever since...We get together all the time!! They are definitely the onest that inspired us to adopt and now we're all friends and we're so excited about their newest additions :) Thanks for your comment...we're praying we hear something about our court date soon of May 13th, kristi


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