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Monday, April 27, 2009

Woman with a beautiful smile

One of my highlights in Ethiopia was meeting the woman photographed with me. I do not know her name or anything about her, but we had an encounter that really touched my heart. We had ventured out into the city *alone* our 2nd day in Addis Ababa. We took a taxi and asked him to take us to the shops at the Post Office. He had other ideas:) We found our favorite treasures that day in the tiniest, darkest antique shop. I'm sure the shop owner & taxi driver were family or friends. We spent over an hour in a room no bigger than my closet. Packed from floor to ceiling with every imaginable trinket. The room was lit by one single candle. It was so dark, we could only feel around for possible items we wanted. We finally decided on a pile of antiques that ranged from wooden bowls, cups and unique crosses. While Roger bartered inside with the owner, I waited with the kids outside by the taxi. I noticed a woman walking through a very narrow alley and I smiled. She smiled back at me. We both walked toward each other and I smiled and took her hand in my hand. She kissed me several times, cheek to cheek. I motioned at my camera and she smiled. I told her with the help of the taxi driver, that she had the most BEAUTIFUL smile. My son snapped a photo of us.
I will never know her name or her story, but we had our moment. She reminds me that I don't want to miss out on the small opportunities to show love.
love one another!!

(I have to add....we have a lot more in common now!!! I lost MY 4 front teeth in an accident:)


  1. Thank you, Kari, for your sweet comment. You are an inspiration to me! As we get closer, I would love to get your travel suggestions, etc.
    Blessings to you and your family....Shannon

  2. one more you still sell your cute t-shirts?? thanks!

  3. Hey Kari--are you in Missouri? Because I will be "delivering" our 13 year old to Kanakuk the first week of June! Another thing we have in common: I'm 42, too. (But I haven't had any teeth knocked out...yet.) I got help with the "Carol's Daughter" line up when I called the customer service department. We will have the most gentle shampoo (Tui), Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner, and Hair Milk. To qualify for the free shipping, we threw in some Body Jelly. Your Zoie's former hair (mohawk) is much like Amelia's used to be. It's all just so cute and so sweet and such a fun, fun blessing!

  4. Oh, and PS--Jamie Jo got US started on our journey to Ethiopia, too!


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