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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zoie's *very* first step!!!

Out of the blue, Zoie aka Miss Zipppy, has had the desire to start walking with our help! She still prefers crawling & lovesss being carried around, but has shown some spunk to walk. Awesome H has been the one practicing with her the past several days. Daddy turned on the camera today and she did it....


  1. That little squirt! When did she get so big. We need to get together soon. I could use a Zoie hug :)

    See you tomorrow night - I will be at JRA too!

  2. AWWWWWW!!!!! It's been too long...she's soooo big! So cute!!!!

  3. I love it. She is soooo darn cute. She'll be running all over the place by the time of the reunion.

  4. yay Zoie!! She reminds me so much of Caleb- just their mannerisms (think I spelled that wrong :) Hope we can meet her (and the whole family :) at the reunion!!

  5. That was so cute... Roger's enthusiasm was priceless!!!


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