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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My new niece....she's coming from China!!!!!

Bloggy friends, It's so exciting to share special adoption news, but especially sweet when it hits so close to home. My brother, Greg & sis-in-law, Erin have been praying for years about adoption. It's amazing how God opens our hearts & eyes to the needs around the world & in our own community, in His perfect timing!! They went to China this past year on a mission's trip. I received a phone call in the toy aisle at Target from Erin, who was in Shanghai. She was weeping and sharing their incredible news....we're going to adopt from China. I'm sure I was quite the scene weeping over the baby toys:) I'm so happy to announce they are officially adopting from Holt International & deep in the "paper pregnancy" process... waiting for a child on the special waiting list. We are ecstatic with joy!!!

Over two years ago, Rog & I started the process for a baby girl from China. We had just finished our homestudy & social worker visit. Rules changed & one in particular was so gray. We no longer could move forward. We never dreamed God would take us to Africa, but we are forever grateful that He knew all along!!! We just needed to be obedient & keep our hearts free to do what He wanted for our family. God knows the deepest desires of our heart. Now, after all these years, we'll get to love our sweet niece....a beautiful treasure from China!!
"A" we already LOVE you!!!
Now I'm working on them to start their blog:)))


  1. That is so great! Yay!!

  2. That is so WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations, Aunt KiKi!!!!

  3. Wonderful news!!!!!! PLease tell them congratulations and I will be one of their blog stalkers. I am so happy for your whole family Kari!



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