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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Redemption. Adoption. Celebration.

(Awesome M took this pic-one of my favorites!)

We give thanks today for our family and friends, but most of all the ultimate gift of love. In America, everyone celebrates Easter. It's a holiday, its a day to spend with family, its a time of renewal. Spring. Saturday night, my family spent the evening roasting hot dogs, playing with cousins and decorating eggs. Its tradition. We love stuffing plastic eggs, anticipating the big bunny hopping to our home and hiding baskets full of candy & tiny treasures.

I will never forget the day Awesome M asked me if there was a Santa Claus. I knew the time had come to confess. After hearing the "secret" he gave me a sad puzzled look and with a tear in his eye
(those big ones that just hang there ready to drop) asked, Mom, does this mean that there is no Easter bunny, too? Ohhhhh my mommy heart hurt telling him that secret too. He finally looked at me and said calmly. If its OK, can I start getting chocolate eggs in my basket. I really hate jellybeans!!

Adoption and Redemption go hand in hand. The best way for me to share God's great love for us is the verse, John 14:18.
Jesus said, I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you. We walked the streets of Addis Ababa and saw first hand the pain and poverty. We saw precious young mothers with babies tied to their backs helpless. My husband would gently gesture for these mothers to follow him inside tiny markets lining the streets. He would buy them food and leave them alone to eat. Most never said a word, but always smiled with gratefulness. What does being an orphan mean?
Lost. No home. No family.
The truth is we are all orphans. Every single one of us are orphans. Without the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, we are all lost, we are all without a family, we need love, we need redemption. When you believe in the miracle of Jesus. When you accept His gift of love. When you let go of everything and give Him your life. We become a child of the King. We are chosen. We are adopted into an eternal family. This new life is more incredible that you can even imagine!!
God Changes Everything!!

Happy Easter.

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