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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I can't believe today is our Referral-Versary!!! I have noooo idea who made up this fun name to describe the DAY we received the CALL, but I love it! We are celebrating all day long the most sought after, prayed for, yearned for, begged for, cried for day....referral day! We were on a business/vacation trip in Palm Beach Garden, FL when we received our CALL!!

I will never forget waking up at 5AM and Roger driving the two of us to the beach at sunrise. There is something about the ocean, for me that is one of the surest places to find peace. To see in person, God's mighty beauty. We sat on the warm sand, held hands and thanked God for what was to come. We had no idea that today was the day that would change our lives forever. All I knew was the sight of the waves crashing over and over reflected the *power* of my Savior. He was in total control of my life. I had waited so long to meet our baby girl. The
glorious sunrise was a renewal to my spirit.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in the local Starbucks for coffee & scones. It was still early, but there were a few customers waiting. I gestured for the nice man in front of me to order (he smiled & said good morning) We chatted for a second, but when I looked at my hubby, his mouth was gaping wide open. What's wrong...I asked with a puzzled expression?? He sat down &
sheepishly whispered to you know who you were talking to??
That's my golf hero, Jack Nicklaus?

Whattttt???!!! I yanked his golf hat off his head and raced up to the nice man.
I smiled...Excuse me, Mr. Nicholson are my 15 year old son's golf HERO and he would be thrilled if you would sign his hat!!!! He won't believe I met you. (I really said that:)
He graciously signed my "sons" hat and shook my hand. I got a little shy & tongue tied, but I muttered a sweet, thank you!!!
Rog couldn't believe I got his autograph...he was quite impressed. Of course, I told him it was now his son's golf hat, but it was soooo cool to meet a huge legend, Mr. Jack Nicholson in person.
Rog gave me a funny look... honey, his name is Jack Nicklaus, not Nicholson...that's the movie star. Ohhhhhhh nooooo....I messed up my big moment, but I had the signed hat!!!:)

At 8:45 AM...we received our referral call from Terra Bailey!!! How do you even express the moment you first see the child God has chosen for your family? There are no words to describe the excitement opening up the email with the VERY first photo of your child. Love.

The day was magical from sunrise to sunset. Rog drove me back to the beach that evening and the sound of the waves took on a whole different meaning to me. Celebration. We have our Zoie. It's hard to believe it's been a year since we first met our girl. The adoption process is different for EVERY family, but the journey to love unites us all.

Look at me now:)

Here is our hilarious "Referral Call" video. There are 2, but I'll only make you watch the one that counts.... Enjoy:)


  1. We share this special day with you. There are no words to describe it all, are there? Congrats to sweet Zoie and your family. Enjoy your day of celebration!

  2. that is so funny. i call the golfer jack nicholson too. i remember the videos of you hilarious!

  3. Congratualtions on this big day! Waiting at the top is very hard and as each week passes without a call, it is so depressing. I really needed to read this post to bring perspective back into my life right now - God's timing is always perfect. Thank you for sharing your memories!

    Erica R.

  4. i remember it all well... the days of waiting were finally over and you got to see those beautiful big brown eyes! WHat a gift! Happy one year! We love you all and sweet Zoie. She is such a beautiful little one.

  5. I can not believe it's been one year ago that you first saw the sweet face of Zo! Wow - how time can fly. So thankful for your friendship and how you have allowed us the opportunity to share in your family's joy of adoption. It has truly been a blessing to us as we have walked this journey!!

    Love you all Gibsons!!!

  6. Yes, I would love to be added to your blogroll. Thanks. And you'll be on mine... once I get on top of that. :)

  7. Happy referral-versary!! I almost forgot we shared the same referral day. :)

  8. beautiful zoie! amazing to see you she totally looks like you birthed her now! absolutely chosen for your family! God is so incredibly good!!!


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