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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Story Contest...JFF:)

Bloggy moms, share your favorite "mom" story? It can be anything...a story to make us laugh, gulp, cry or jump up & down. I have a special prize to send the mom with the best story. Short stories due by Friday, May 15th
(my kids will vote) and we'll announce the winning mom:)


  1. There are so many great stories when you have three's hard to pick one. Since we are in the process of becoming a family of different races, these stories seemed appropriate. We have always taught our children that God loves everyone and whenever the issue of different skin colors came up, we would just say all of us are different...some of us have light skin and some of us are darker. Among our biological three kids, our oldest daughter has light olive skin, our middle daugther has dark olive skin and our son has fair skin. During the summer, our middle daughter gets very dark. Here's the story...our oldest was in second grade and was learning about Rosa Parks. At dinner that night, she was anxious to tell us the story and about Rosa's courage. Then she said, "it just made me so sad to think that if that was happening now, Brynn (our middle daughter) would have to sit in the back of the bus and the rest of us could sit in the front." To her, Brynn had darker skin and she would be forced to be seperated from us. Then recently, our son said, "soon I'll have two black sisters (Brynn and our Ethiopian girl) and one light skinned sister". I love that our children don't see color the way some do!! They see skin color as they do eye color....God gave us what we were meant to have. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the world will force them to deal with the differences at some point, but I know that they will love all people no matter what. Their Ethiopian sister will be so blessed to have them as older siblings. :)

  2. Well our kiddos have been home just 3 months now and they are firecrackers for sure! Our daughter Tigist is 5 1/2 and is a wild, witty, fun-loving sort of girl. Her English is coming along and so we've waited to see what kind of things she'll say when she has the vocabulary to really express herself.

    The other night our family sat down for a supper of homemade pizza and cold cut veggies, and Daddy happened to be having a beer with his pizza, the kids and I had water. Fikadu (our 7 year old son) asked if he could also have a beer to which we of course replied no. He proceeded to ask why, and we told him that a beer would be "dangerous" for a child but not grown-ups.

    Dangerous is the word we use for explaining a lot of things that might be appropriate for an adult but not children.

    Throughout this conversation Tigist was sitting in her chair quietly eating her pizza when all of a sudden she turned to us, picked up a loathed piece of celery and said, "This one, VERY Dangerous children, only grown-ups celery!"

    Wah ha ha! She did it in such a witty, thoughtout way that it made both of us just crack up laughing! =)

    -Bethany Taylor

  3. I'm still trying to think about my adoption hero :) There's no way I could sum up one of our ridiculous stories by friday! I'll admit defeat (unless I have an epiphany or really crazy day tomorrow!)
    love, apryl

  4. When I was pregnant with our now almost five year old son, I was put on bed rest at week 30. My husband assumed full responsibility of everything, including the care of our then three year old daughter.

    One day he took her grocery shopping with him. (During this time he had been on a low carb diet and taken a liking to the "sugar free" candy.) Our daughter, Caroline, was growing ancy while her Daddy was attempting to get through Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. In the cart was a bag of this "sugar free" candy which he busted opened and gave her full reign!

    When he got to the register, he noticed the entire bag had been consumed. Uh oh!

    At home the two of them joined me in bed for dinner. In the midst of eating, Caroline took a flying leap for the bathroom in our bedroom. Matt and I continued to eat, thinking this was a great continuance of her potty training, proud that she had decided to go on her own.

    Very quickly loud sounds began to emit from the bathroom. LOUD SOUNDS! Sounds that could not possibly come from a three year old. Matt was just about to check on her when out popped her head, index finger pointing up. "I'm just poopin' folks, just poopin'"

    We were in hysterics. Matt had forgotten to read the warning label on the "sugar free" candy that said excessive consumption will lead to loose stool and gas.

    We laughed hard and long! We needed that laugh in the middle of that crazy time in our lives. Whenever we get down or frustrated, Matt and I will look at each other, hold a finger up and say "Just poopin!"



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