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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mom's Story Contest... over at midnight:)
Bloggy Moms, this is it.... story contest open till midnight. We want to hear your favorite "mom story" The kids & I will read all of your wonderful stories and make our pick!!! We'll announce the BIG winner Sunday!! Thanks for joining in the fun:)


  1. When Devon was two and a half we went to Florida for vacation. His speech was still developing and he had a hard time putting words in order (still does). We went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom on a Monday and Tuesday. Each time we were in the park we let Dev choose his own drinks. This was a BIG deal to a kid whose Mama carts a sippy cup wherever we go so that I don't have to buy him anything ;0) He would choose drinks based on the color, "greem", "Org", or red. Well, the last day we were at the hotel we were packing drinks for the pool. He kept saying something over and over again that we just couldn't understand. It sounded like "Mommy, juice the aligator!" We finally just chose a "greem" gatorade for Chad and a juice box out of the fridge for him. When we got to the pool Devon pulled gatorade drink out of the bag and annouced to everyone "see mommy, you juiced the aligator for Daddy!" We all were rolling. Finally, we got what he was saying, alligator juice- gatorade!

  2. that is funny because i also totally thought that Gatorade was Gator juice as a kid:)

  3. Hi. This is Jace here*. The oldest of 6 kids. And I wish to tell you how much I love my Mom. On a scale of 1-10, I give a 11.5. She is the cool... er... Dorkiest, most hilarious, and loving. My most hilarious moment is when we were checking out my new school, and my Mom had to fight not to put her arm around my shoulders. When She told me that as we got in the car, Boy did I thank Her!
    My Mom is also there for me everyday, and She helps me while I experience the emotions of becoming a Teenager.

    I love my Mom, and please convince her not to get a Farm till I go to College.

    * Here is Proof
    The Handheld Gaming system I play is called a PSP.

  4. As I was sharing the other stories with my son and thinking about what I should share-
    He wanted to write something.

    Man am I proud-
    I guess this is one of my memorable mom moments.


  5. I meant to post something and missed the deadline, but I'm going to post jff :) The same story kept coming to my mind and I wanted it to be something better, something that didn't involve bodily fluids. Sadly...most of my mom stories involve bodily fluids so I was stuck! This gem is brought up at most of my extended family get togethers, probably because they know us so well and it's SO fitting. I think God allows things in the life of our family just so we can all get a good laugh. And we laugh a lot :) Anyway, the guts of the story--I had 10 women eating lunch in my home when my daughter pulled her skirt off to 'relieve herself' just outside of the glass doors that open into the dining room. I had told the kids to stay outside and they obeyed! The whole of the story is so much longer and ridiculous--

    Have a chuckle on us :) I've enjoyed reading the stories, Kari, good idea!


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