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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ethiopia Families.... A MUST READ book that will inspire you!!!

A dear friend gave me this book this week and I couldn't put it down. Go Run Buy it today!!! I added it on my "Adoption Boutique" at the bottom of the blog. It's a true-life story of a family and our beloved Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!! It will educate you, inspire you, encourage you, BLESS you!!

Sheltered By the King
, by
Marta Gabre-Tsadick
Here's a taste:

Marta...born in poverty, she rose to favor with the Emperor of Ethiopia, Hailie Selassie, becoming the nation's first woman senator...Marta fought to save her country...and she lost. It is the very personal, tender, and dramatic story of a family whose world collapsed- a family marked for death. The protecting hand of their emperor was gone, the borders were closed, and a child was desperately ill, somewhere, maybe over the next hill, well-armed soldiers were hunting them.

You will learn with Marta, to trust in God alone when the security of family, home, job, and government has vanished * to be faithful in small things, so God can raise you to greater things * to stand fast in the face of evil, violence and corruption-to "do what you can and leave the outcome to God" * to discover your untapped strengths and resources!!
To learn more about Project Mercy...check out their website!!
A note from new friend Gabby...
Marta and Deme are both in their 70's I think. They have a house in Addis where they do alot of their business end of things, but they spend quite a bit of time in Yetebon/Butijira (about 2-2.5 hrs. south of Addis) where Project Mercy is actually located, checking up on things, seeing their kids, etc. They have about 50 orphans living on their compound now and all consider Marta and Deme to be mom and dad, so it's was always fun watching the kids get all dressed up and excited whenever they came down to visit.


  1. Yea! Thanks! We are always looking for anything about, or related to, Ethiopia! I will be emailing you...Amelia has been sick-sick-sick, so the week was filled with taking care of her. (But she is way better now, thank God.)

  2. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and have loved reading your story about adopting in Ethiopia. I've been to Ethiopia twice and love that place with all my heart. This post got me really excited because my trips to Ethiopia have been to work with Project Mercy, Marta and Deme's organization. Marta and Deme are doing incredible work and are the most amazing, humble people you will ever meet. They have such a heart for their people. I'm a medical student in Kansas now with plans to return to Ethiopia when I'm done in order to work at Project Mercy's hospital.

  3. Tammy StonebrookMay 2, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    I wrote this book down on my "wish list" along with one of your t'shirts! My husband and I have been called to adopt by Christ. We have 4 children but we feel to adopt 1-2 children from Ethiopia. AWAA will be our agency and we planned to begin our paperchase next year but that might be delayed now because my husband was laid off 6 wks ago. Since I stay home w/our kids (which includes 10 month old twins), he was our ONLY income. I would love to chat or email you for support. I have loads of questions but I have met (blogged) some wonderful adoptive parents that I now follow everyday!! I even started a blog but haven't even told anyone because I know people will think I am crazy that I have adoption on the brain when we have no income right now (ha) but God is great and He will make a way. Just like me finding your blog. Things happen for a reason. Please save a size Medium shirt if you don't mind until I can afford to send $15 to you. I just don't want them to run out:-). Email me sometime when you have time - God bless your beautiful family!!! Tammy


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