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Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Update from Tom Davis....Formula Drive for Africa!!

UPDATE 5/7: You've given $9065! to send formula as of 12PM today...lets keep going. We can now send at least 240 cans of formula! Keep it coming! We've got blog buttons for you here. And a new testimonial from Roger and Kari Gibson.

URGENT NEED: Forumla Needed for Malnourished Babies in Ethiopia


  1. Love how the body responds to His heart for orphan care!!

  2. HI Kari! So glad you are helping spread the word about the need for good formula. Everytime I see pictures of Zoie in the TH with Jacob's onsie on I just think what a small world this is and how we are all one another's brothers and sisters. Will be sending some $ to Ethiopia for formula! Praying that someday I will be traveling to Ethiopia for my daughter!

  3. thank you for sharing your story, your heart on the CHC site...I can't seem to get your blog on my roll but will keep trying! Thank you for your heart, your love and your prayers for these little ones! Your Zoe is the cutest!


  4. you go kari!!! look at all of beautiful zoie's fruit at her young age----being used to help feed those waiting to come to their forever homes!---ok---it's almost too much to comprehend! thank you for sharing her story!

  5. Kari - so great to see Zoie's inspiring story on Tom Davis' blog! She has come so far and her story is blessing others! With much love - Karen Wistrom

  6. Kari, My name is Nicole Irwin, I work for Children's HopeChest. I want to thank you for helping to raise awareness for the Ethiopian orphans. We reached our goal : ) Congratulations on your beautiful addition. How old is she now? You have a beautiful family. Many Blessings,


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