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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pray for my niece "Grace" in China... we need mighty miracles!!!

We received news last night that my niece-to-be "Grace" needs our fervent prayers!!!!! My brother & sis are adopting a precious girl from China and found out that she is being moved back to her original orphanage. She has special needs and has received incredible love and protection and nurture at her current location. God removed her from a difficult situation and placed her in an outstanding facility. It's the only place she knows and has thrived in every way. She receives therapy daily and has had several operations under their loving care.

Prayer Request: That "Grace" will not go back to her original orphanage. It has the potential of being devastating to everyone involved in her life!! This change could alter her adoption from moving forward, as well as not getting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual guidance and love that surrounds her now.

Please pray for mighty miracles!!!
On a personal note, Roger and I started off in the China Program 2 yrs ago with our adoption agency. We dreamed that God has a very precious baby girl waiting for us in China. We had no idea that God would redirect us to Ethiopia where our daughter was INDEED waiting for us. We are so blessed that God would now bring our niece from China!!!!!!!! God is so faithful!!

Thank you for praying. We will keep you updated!!


  1. i am going to pray right now ... i can so identify w/ this situation ... my maggie was not in a good place and her sweet little heart is so damaged from her time in China ... The Father is an amazing healer and love can fill the cracks of the heart ....

    Oh Father, please allow this sweet angel Grace to stay in a safe place till her parents come to bring her home ... We know your arms of protection are there no matter what, but this is our plea !!!

    Putting a shirt aside for you now ... don't think i am going to post them because i am selling them so fast ... send me an email to this address and i will send you a picture of them ...

    keep me posted on your niece !!!

  2. I hope little Grace will stay where she is safe...tell your brother not to give up. To be her voice..if he speaks loud enough it might help.

  3. We will pray for your niece. It's so hard to wait and not hold our kids knowing they are well cared for. It's got to be so much worse knowing that they are not in the best place for them. Praying she is home with them soon!


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