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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tom Davis' RIVITING new book trailer 'Scared'-donate today for Africa Formula Project!!

AWAA families...did you know *Tom Davis-website* is helping OUR Ethiopia Transitional Home? He is helping bring the best formula to our precious babies waiting!! Please take time to watch his amazing book trailer. Lets all make a difference & help provide formula...we can save a life.
Our Zoie was 6 months old & had dropped to only 8 pounds when we arrived in Ethiopia. She was so tiny & malnourished. I pray that the formula provided will help our babies in the TH thrive & grow very chubby:)
Book Trailer-take a few seconds to load!!
*Scared coming June 2009*

Scared - A Novel on the Edge of the World from Children's HopeChest on Vimeo.

A note from Tom:

URGENT NEED: Forumla Needed for Malnourished Babies in Ethiopia!! Famine and poverty are increasing the rates of malnourished infant babies in Ethiopia. Children's HopeChest has worked with the America World Adoption Agency (AWAA) on projects in Ethiopia and Russia over the past five years. This request came to us from their transition home where they are receiving severely malnourished babies into their care. This month, in honor of mother's day, I want to raise $12,500 to provide specialized baby formula to this transition home for these malnourished babies. (Please put "Ethiopia Formula" in the note section of the donate page.)

To kick this off, a friend of Children's HopeChest has offered a matching gift for the first $500 we receive toward this project.
DONATE TODAY HERE-link or on the "badge" provided to the right.


  1. i can't wait to read this book! so love tom davis! thanks for posting it!

    no news yet! praying, praying, praying! love you!

  2. I am ready to read that book! Sounds amazing! On Tom's blog - the May 4th post - Duni shares a story about a baby she calls "Gracie". I am 99% sure she is talking about our daughter!!! I am so amazed by the hand of God, His timing, His provision - how perfectly it is all orchestrated. We met Tom back in November at the San Antonio Gala for AW. What a great man of God! So thankful for him and his work. So thankful that he is providing a simple/easy way for others to participate in getting Nutramigen to AWAA - that agency that totally ROCKS!!!
    Kari, thank you too for spreading the word. Love your heart!!!
    Cindy Foote

  3. And I thought you were already on my roll! As well as the AWAA button...must have lost it when I moved to wordpress...YES, take my blog, put it on yours and I'll have my technologically savvy husband add the necessary buttons!

    I tried to find the book but it says out of print. Know any places I can get it for cheap?



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