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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Winning Mom Story:))

Sarah's Story -her blog, too:)
ok, here's my "mom story". i've learned that being a mommy means throwing your pride and modesty out the window. here's a perfect example of why: i was in the grocery store one day and grace was about 2. by the time we were in a very long line to check out she had had about enough of it. i left her out of the cart (lesson learned) and she was hanging on my legs and using me as a jungle gym. in one quick second she fell...and took my gym pants with her...i mean my pants were on the floor...where everyone could see my pink panties and white legs. embarrasing. after i got over the embarrasment i just laughed my head off. that's what being a mom is all about, putting yourself out there for all to see! we know our children repeat everything we say (even the bad stuff) and during pregnancy our modesty has to fly out the window. but hey, we're more human now. flaws out there for everyone to see. and life is better this way. i wouldn't change me life with my children for anything, even if they do embarrass me!!!


  1. i feel so honored to have won your contest...and so dumb! after i just reread it, i saw that i obviously made way too many typing errors!!! oh well, you gals knew what i meant:) hope my funny story made a few smile!

  2. Love it. So funny. I have had many similar experiences.-Only the dropping of my pants happened at church!

  3. I love it. Thanks for posting!


  4. poor Sarah! she totally deserved to win after that humiliating experience!

  5. hilarious !!! i am always trying to keep the kids from de-clothing me in one way or another.


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