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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do you know what a KANAKUK is??

Awesome H have a blast...we miss you already!!
Kamp K1 Day 1


  1. I bet you will be obsessively checking those pictures each day- I always am!! :) Looks like she is off to a good start.

  2. Oh how fun! I would love for our kids to be able to go! Julie, Sue's daughter, in ET with Elle right now is going to be a Kanakuk counselor when she gets back from ET in July. :)

  3. I dropped my daughter off at K-Kountry yesterday. Fun times! It is her first time :).

  4. Nice to "Meet' you Kari! You have a gorgeous family!!

  5. Kari, thank you for visiting our family in bloggy land :) Thank you also for your sweet comments!! You are more than welcome to list our blog on your site-- I confess that I am not a very good blogger... I can be inconsistent, but I do enjoy blogging when I finally sit and take the time!! Thank you most of all for praying for our family during this season of waiting for court and travel!!! So important of a time....
    Love, Shari

  6. Oh Lucky from Honey Rock Camp always talked about the K campers!

  7. oh, look at that sweet face...She does remind me of my LLM..She is adorable!! Your big girl is adorable too...:) kj


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