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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Waiting and Enjoying the journey. It's a challenging request. How in the world can we enjoy waiting for something we REALLY want? I can recall a few "top" waiting highlights through the years... waiting for my birthday, waiting for Santa Claus, waiting for a puppy, waiting for a boyfriend, waiting for my 1st kiss (17 & it WAS Mr. Dreamy) waiting for graduation, waiting to teach, waiting for my wedding day, waiting for my babies to be born, waiting for healing to come after loss, waiting to move, waiting to make a new friend, waiting for trips, waiting for dreams to come true, waiting for Zoie, waiting for 4 front teeth:) waiting for the Lord's direction, waiting for our home to sell, waiting for my next BIG adventure, waiting WAITING, WAITING!!!!!!! I think you get the point. We are always waiting. Can we enjoy the journey?

"I've learned that the longer the wait, the more you appreciate. If it had taken half the time, I would appreciate it half as much. I don't know what detours your life has taken. I don't know what delays you have experienced. Maybe life has taken some unexpected turns. Maybe you feel like your dreams have been delayed or detoured. Life has not gone according to plan. I feel your frustration, and I empathize with your confusion. But that is the essence of adventure. The unpredictable twists and turns of life can drive you CRAZY. Or you can learn to enjoy the journey!!
The choice is yours."

Believe me, I've failed miserably waiting and I've won personal medals. I can start my day off positive and strong and steady, but crumble in tears by afternoon. I'm learning that waiting with joy is a daily renewal!! The best is yet to come.
I'd love to know what you are waiting for. How are you doing??
Please share your WAITING stories with me today:)


  1. How did you know that I needed this reminder today? My waiting story began 2 years ago for our daughter, Desta Hope. In college, my mentor, Ruth, asked us to say one character trait we felt we needed to work on. I stupidly said patience. Oh my, little did I know how that trait (15 years later!) is still being worked on. So today I will claim our daughter's name meaning "JOY" and WAIT PATIENTLY for her arrival!


  2. Wow, your words were such a reassurance to me after the message I just posted. It was a reminder from our Father that the wait will be over eventually and it will have been worth it all. Thank you for your post!
    Emily B

  3. Waiting, waiting, waiting for a referral of a two year old little boy! We know it will come in God's perfect timing but, somedays, I can't help but think, "When will the day come?"

    I agree with you, the longer we wait the more sweet it will be!!

  4. Waiting for my sweet boy in Ethiopia!

    Can't wait to get my book. Did you hear Neal's are joinging us? Whoo Hoo


The best is yet to come!!