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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mr. IPod Touch Ozark Adventure: DAY 2

My Amazing Day at Rivercut Golf Course!

The Pro Shop set me up. (thanks Meg)

Warming up at the range.

Can't wait to hit the links... where's Tiger?

Cooling off with a cold one.


"I can't believe Mr. Ipod Touch beat me!"
*Golf Pro Rick Grayson*

My lucky day.... how will I get this thing home?

How many "tickets" will it take to bring this handsome techy dude home?
Don't delay:)


  1. I love you my friend, you are so funny!!! Wish I could be there to go on photo adventures with you and Mr. Ipod Touch.

  2. Kiki!!!! I'm going to perservere until I understand the techy world of Blogging, Face Book, and posting a comment! Thank you for encouraging me in so many areas of my life and I'm so excited to get my blog "Recovery Rocks" up and running! Your blog is so fun, informative, and I love bouncing around to all the other blogs! Love you dear, precious friend, Kit


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